Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Cowboys Last Request ~ Written by Grandpa George W. Short

When I reach the end of my rope
Let me go.

When my sun has set don't miss me too much.

Think of all the friends I will see
across that river.

I never did go to church as my church was
the sun sky mountains and rain.

When my time comes open the gate
and set me free.

Remember the love that we shared with all my family and friends.
And the love of my life my wife.

Miss me but let me go.

When you lay me down.

Bring my hat and close the gate.

Lay my head to the west.

Think of all the good times we had.

And set me free.

George W. Short
July 2, 2004

A Cowboys Early Spring Day in the Winter of My Life ~ Written by Grandpa George W. Short

I watched the sun come up this morning to start a new day and am always glad to see it.

The grass is green after last nights rain - sure looks good.

I wandered by the saddle house and checked my rigging over out of a lifetime habit, but
am no longer able to use it.

Out in the horse pasture I can see three or four horses that I am no longer able to ride.
One of them I owned twenty-three years. They are also in the winter of their lives.

I look off to the south and can see a small band of brood mares with new foals - one of
the prettiest sights there is to a horseman. I will never be able to ride them or train them to
be top horses. A little further down the draw I see a few cows with new babies that
I will never be able to round up or work any more.

I can see in the distance in my minds eye the mountains and canyons that I rode over for
sixty-five years.

Last nights rain brings back memories of long ago when I waited for a rain that did not
come. Back in the thirties it did not rain but a few inches for three or four years and we
had no grass left.

When we finally had good rains it was unbelievable how quick the country changed. In
a couple of weeks there were flowers and cactus in bloom and there is nothing prettier
than cactus blooms.

At this stage of my life I am always glad to see the sun come up each day and I hope to
see the grass green up next spring.

Till we meet again,
George W. Short

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy 14th birthday Chapo!

My son Nick turned 14 years old today. Land sakes, where did the time go? Seems like yesterday that I delivered this 10 lb. 9 1/2 oz. baby. Man, time sure does fly. I'm not feelin' old yet, so that's a good sign. Nick's been driving since he was six. The boy drives better than me. He'll get his permit next year and drive at sixteen. Already. I'm comfortable with that, especially out in this part of the country. Not much going on around here, very little traffic, only cattle to watch out for mostly. Just hope the insurance policy won't exceed a thousand clams a year. All's I know is, he best not crash my Cowboy Cadillac. If he does, he'll wear it as a hat. Took him and a buddy out for supper to celebrate. We went to Escondidas, a local Mexican restaurant here in Presidio. Played songs on the new jukebox, ate green enchiladas, and played a couple games of nine ball. After that, headed home to la casa to watch the sunset and listen to King George. Life is good.