Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Cowboys Early Spring Day in the Winter of My Life ~ Written by Grandpa George W. Short

I watched the sun come up this morning to start a new day and am always glad to see it.

The grass is green after last nights rain - sure looks good.

I wandered by the saddle house and checked my rigging over out of a lifetime habit, but
am no longer able to use it.

Out in the horse pasture I can see three or four horses that I am no longer able to ride.
One of them I owned twenty-three years. They are also in the winter of their lives.

I look off to the south and can see a small band of brood mares with new foals - one of
the prettiest sights there is to a horseman. I will never be able to ride them or train them to
be top horses. A little further down the draw I see a few cows with new babies that
I will never be able to round up or work any more.

I can see in the distance in my minds eye the mountains and canyons that I rode over for
sixty-five years.

Last nights rain brings back memories of long ago when I waited for a rain that did not
come. Back in the thirties it did not rain but a few inches for three or four years and we
had no grass left.

When we finally had good rains it was unbelievable how quick the country changed. In
a couple of weeks there were flowers and cactus in bloom and there is nothing prettier
than cactus blooms.

At this stage of my life I am always glad to see the sun come up each day and I hope to
see the grass green up next spring.

Till we meet again,
George W. Short


  1. RIP Grandpa George W. Short
    December 4, 1916 ~ August 22, 2009

  2. I dont know what to say niki, I wish I would have known him. He was the real deal. You come from good people.:)