Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Cowboys Last Request ~ Written by Grandpa George W. Short

When I reach the end of my rope
Let me go.

When my sun has set don't miss me too much.

Think of all the friends I will see
across that river.

I never did go to church as my church was
the sun sky mountains and rain.

When my time comes open the gate
and set me free.

Remember the love that we shared with all my family and friends.
And the love of my life my wife.

Miss me but let me go.

When you lay me down.

Bring my hat and close the gate.

Lay my head to the west.

Think of all the good times we had.

And set me free.

George W. Short
July 2, 2004


  1. RIP Grandpa George W. Short
    December 4, 1916 ~ August 22, 2009

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  3. Buenas noches Mark,
    Gracias por sus palabras amables.

  4. As you know, your Grandpa was also my uncle. I am doing the work I do and living the life I live due mainly to him. I work in the beef industry and have cattle and horses at home because of George W. Short. I will forever be indebted to him and Mabel. Keep up the good work Young Lady.

  5. Thanks for stopping in Rick. Grandpa George and Grandma Mabel, wonderful people. Will surely miss hearing all of Grandpa George's stories. Now it's our job to pass those stories down to our children. Our son, Nick is reading Grandpa's book. I felt it was appropriate for Nick to read his book while living in Texas. He's really enjoying it so far. Hats off to you for living the life most people dream of. Hope to see you sometime soon.
    Merry Christmas to you and the family.